I’m It, But I Quit

William tagged me and told me to ignore it. I’m going to half ignore it. I’m not following the rules and I’m not tagging anyone else (I always hated tag), but here are six random facts about me. (Last time I did this—the only other time I’ve ever done one of these bloggy things, it was seven facts.)

1) When I was a kid, four or five years old (maybe six?), I’d take a huge spoonful of peanut butter and I’d dip it in the sugar jar. Then I’d suck a layer of peanut buttery sugar off and re-dip it in the sugar.

It drove my mother crazy.

2) I didn’t learn to drive until I was 19, and I didn’t get my license until 1 month before my 20th birthday. My first car, Anika, cost $1 and a hell of a lot more in repairs. When it finally died—the heater core broke the same day I failed the NOx emissions test by 600 times the legal limit—I sold it for $1.

3) When I first met Good Man, my friends would ask how things were going and I’d say, “Good, comfortable, easy.” I suspect they wanted more drama. But there wasn’t any.

4) When I was very, very young, we lived in “the yellow house” (which is now painted brown) in Duluth. It had wood stove heating. I remember learning to skate at that house. I had Fisher-Price plastic skates that went over your shoe and had a key of some sort.

5) [Redacted]

5a) That above point is so personal I might delete it after I get some sleep tonight.
5a1) It didn’t even take sleep.

5 Redo) I wrote about every single date I had in Korea in this blog, but I never called them dates. I didn’t want people to start commenting on dating in Korea, and I didn’t want anyone to expect that I’d ever write about any of the men again.

Of those dates, only one was not a Korean-born man, and he was still half-Korean.

In America, I never ended up on a date with an East Asian, though I went on a few dates with Indian men.

6) I hate that Sister speaks to me using -요 form, but Good Man tells me that she would never be comfortable speaking banmal (intimate form) because I’m four years older. But when she speaks to me in the -yo form, it makes me think she doesn’t really like me.