Two Packs of Mi Sticks

When we had Mark’s family over for dinner, we picked up “Mi Sticks” for us. “Beautiful” Pepero Sticks have “air choco” on them as well as a “coffee+milk” layer. We were saving the Mi Sticks as a treat.

Well, one night during the week, I came home to find an empty box of Mi Sticks. I teased Good Man about it and the next weekend, we bought another box of Mi Sticks to share.

We broke out the Mi Sticks a few nights ago and I discovered that within one box there are two individually wrapped packs of Mi Sticks.

“You ate both packs of Mi Sticks? Both?

Good Man grinned at me.

“왜 사랑하지 않아?” Why don’t you love me? I asked.



Good Man was teasing me over something last night and I started to chase him. He ran into the closet and locked the door.

I stood in the bedroom doorway and stared at the closet door.

He opened the door a crack and looked at me.

“You’re hiding in the closet? That’s going on the blog.”