When we first came to America, Good Man and I tried to institute a One Hour of Korean a Day rule.

It didn’t work.

So we tried instituting a One Hour of Korean a Week rule.

It didn’t work.

I would get frustrated because I didn’t know a word, or we’d be tired, or want to discuss something serious, or… and then we’d slip into English and it’d be like, “Well, that didn’t work.”

Mark suggested taking an entirely different approach. He suggested speaking in Korean for one full day every week. They did this in German in his graduate program in Germany. He said since it was one full day, and the same day every week, you just knew, “Well, that’s it, today’s the day.” He also said it became a sort of a game after a while, and that once you got over the difficult part at the start, it was fun.

Well, we decided to try it today.

As an extra incentive, I went out and bought a medium bag of M&Ms, figuring we’d remove one M&M every time we slipped into English. But I made a mistake in buying a medium bag (seriously, 9 servings of 1/4 C each is a “medium?”) because we only had to remove 30 M&Ms. Thirty M&Ms, in the grand scheme of a medium M&M bag, isn’t much.

And we did a good job, too. This wasn’t English spoken as Konglish with a Korean accent. We were speaking Korean and only used Konglish when it was a phrase like “Florida Keys.”

Our cut off time was 10 pm and frankly, I was shocked that we’d stuck with it all day. We mostly lost it while in the car.

The only bad thing…my jaw hurts. I think it’s because all of that pronunciation in a different way takes more work. I am sure that sounds weird…