500 Days Later, I Asked Him to Speak More Slowly

So Good Man and I almost never do anything for our anniversaries (measured the Korean way, in 100 day chunks, this is Day 500), but tonight we decided to order pizza.

I picked Good Man up from school and we picked up our pizza. Over dinner, Good Man said, “아만다나랑결혼해줄래?”

I nodded, “천천히 말 해 줘.” Speak more slowly.

“아만다…” he said, switching to word-by-word mode.

I laughed, “‘Amanda.'”


I was reminded of a children’s book I have. I thought and said, “‘Me-with.'”

He nodded, “결혼 해 줄래?”

Gyeolhon,” I repeated. I froze. “결혼?”

Good Man nodded.

I switched to English, “Did you just ask me to marry you?”

Good Man smiled.