500 Days Later, I Asked Him to Speak More Slowly

So Good Man and I almost never do anything for our anniversaries (measured the Korean way, in 100 day chunks, this is Day 500), but tonight we decided to order pizza.

I picked Good Man up from school and we picked up our pizza. Over dinner, Good Man said, “아만다나랑결혼해줄래?”

I nodded, “천천히 말 해 줘.” Speak more slowly.

“아만다…” he said, switching to word-by-word mode.

I laughed, “‘Amanda.'”


I was reminded of a children’s book I have. I thought and said, “‘Me-with.'”

He nodded, “결혼 해 줄래?”

Gyeolhon,” I repeated. I froze. “결혼?”

Good Man nodded.

I switched to English, “Did you just ask me to marry you?”

Good Man smiled.


One thought on “500 Days Later, I Asked Him to Speak More Slowly

  1. Comment from: william [Visitor] · http://psycho5728.wordpress.com/
    congrats on the official engagement!
    10/29/08 @ 22:41

    Comment from: Robbin [Member] Email
    That’s wonderful!! I’m so happy for you two!
    10/29/08 @ 23:01

    Comment from: umma2kimchilovers [Visitor]
    Did his mom know he was going to pop the question already when she called this weekend.
    10/29/08 @ 23:43

    Comment from: joy [Visitor] · http://www.foreignerjoy.blogspot.com
    Awe what a cute story!

    It is odd though because I have been with my BF since February and he never seeemed to celebrate a 100day thing. Maybe he is just not into that sort of thing.

    10/29/08 @ 23:54

    Comment from: Jennifer [Visitor] · http://www.jennipal.blogspot.com
    10/30/08 @ 00:58

    Comment from: Shelley [Visitor] · http://shelleythetraveler.blogspot.com
    OMG! Amanda that is so awesome. Congratulations! What a sweet way to propose to you to, it was real and honest. Love it!!!
    10/30/08 @ 04:43

    Comment from: t-hype [Visitor] · http://preseould.blogspot.com
    Congrats Amanda!
    10/30/08 @ 06:05

    Comment from: Ramsey Papp [Visitor] · http://vtpapp.blogspot.com/
    Yeah, Congratulations! Maybe the US isn’t so bad after all!
    10/30/08 @ 08:13

    Comment from: seeny [Visitor]

    that was super sweet.
    10/30/08 @ 08:51

    Comment from: Jonathan in florida [Visitor]
    Wow! I read the hangul and had a sharp intake of breath, which was confirmed by the rest of the post… Congratulations! That’s funny that your immediate response was, “speak more slowly”… lol
    10/30/08 @ 09:22
    Comment from: Dana [Visitor]

    Congratulations Amanda and Good Man!!! So thrilled for you!
    10/30/08 @ 10:44

    Comment from: kangmi [Visitor] · http://www.kangmi.org
    Was there a 네 in there somewhere?
    10/30/08 @ 15:05

    Comment from: Kristen [Visitor] · http://placesandwords.blogspot.com
    Wow!!! Congrats!
    10/31/08 @ 03:27

    Comment from: allysther [Visitor] · http://simplemindedintellectualisms.blogspot.com/
    I am delurking to say congratulations to the two of you. I found your blog last year via ZenKimchi, and have read your adventures since then.

    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing life with us.
    10/31/08 @ 10:53

    Comment from: Katie [Visitor] · http://stagestitches.blogspot.com
    Aw, that’s sweet!

    (We’re all assuming you accepted, I guess! =) )
    11/01/08 @ 05:43

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    The “yes!” was me. *^^*

    OK, to answer some questions, I should explain some stuff about Korea. “Proposing” in Korea isn’t really done, traditionally. “Popping the question” is a pretty new thing, and it’s been brought over by the west. You don’t tell your parents about someone unless you want to get married. If and when the parents finally agree to meet you, they decide if they will let you marry.

    But in our case, it was a bit different. Good Man was leaving to go to grad school, so it was meeting his parents then or….? Many (most?) international couples don’t get the chance to live in both countries before deciding if they want to marry. We got the chance to do that, so we took it.

    Ramsey, the US might not be so bad, but let’s see what I say while going through immigration…
    11/01/08 @ 09:22

    Comment from: Katie [Visitor] · http://stagestitches.blogspot.com
    Oh good! That was my first hit on the text, but the second time I read it, I realized that maybe it was Good Man saying “Yes” in response to “Did you just ask me to marry you?” A lesson in always going with your first instincts!

    Congrats to you both!
    11/01/08 @ 13:20

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    I used the line breaks for a reason. Had it been Good Man saying it, I would’ve said, “Good Man smiled, ‘Yes!'” ;)
    11/01/08 @ 13:27

    Comment from: Karen [Visitor] · http://aikiaddict.blogspot.com
    Congratulations! :)
    11/01/08 @ 20:31

    Comment from: Amanda Y [Visitor] · http://www.yeatonphotography.com
    Yeah for the two of you. I had to read that twice to make sure I was correct. Mazel Tov!
    11/03/08 @ 15:52

    Comment from: Jedda [Visitor]
    Lurker de-lurking to say congratulations
    11/07/08 @ 05:58

    Comment from: Lunalil [Visitor] · http://lunalil.com
    Yay! Congratulations! *jumps up and down*
    11/08/08 @ 01:38

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