A Little Fire, That’s All

Approaching the apartment door tonight I smelled it.


Really thick smoke.

I opened up the door. Good Man sheepishly walked out of the kitchen.

“What happened?”

“Um, we had a little fire,” he answered.

Every window and porch door in the house was open. The fans were running. The smoke detector was unplugged.

“Is everything OK? Are you OK?”

“Yes,” Good Man said, “I tried to make a [vegetable] bun in the microwave and it caught fire.”

I poked at the microwave. “This caught fire? Is it broken?”

“No, just…I took out the bun and whoosh!” Good Man moved his hands in a flame motion, then pointed to the trash, “It’s in there.” He started scrubbing the microwave.

“OK, well, don’t worry about cleaning the microwave. If it’s burnt, it’s burnt. No big deal. How long was it in there?”

“Um,” Good Man thought for a second, “four minutes?”

Four minutes?” I opened up the freezer, pulled out the package, and started reading. The package comes in both English and Korean.

“30 to 50 seconds. Here, I’ll read it in Korean. 30초간…50초간!”

Good Man grinned, “사랑해!”

He Didn’t Read This

A Gift From a Friend
A rice cooker with a steamer basket! Yay! (And this time the buns didn’t burn!)

So Proud of Us

I called in to work on Friday because putting off calling in all week had made me really sick. Yesterday we went grocery shopping, but skipped out on the Korean meetup. I was about to stay home all day today, but I really need some new clothes, so Good Man and I headed out.

As soon as I started driving, I heard a strange sound. I turned down the radio and heard thump-THUNK-thump-THUNK.

I got out of the car, much to Good Man’s confusion, and found a very, very flat rear passenger tire. A very flat tire with a big screw in it.


Well, I had been shown how to do this before. Still, we went inside, Googled “change a flat tire,” watched a video, and found the sheet that had come with my car—the one that showed the proper place to jack from.

I am very glad that the guy loosened up the dirt in the spare wheel lock area (when I got my tires changed in July), because the key came out very easily.

Good Man and I changed the tire! It probably took twice as long as it should have, but hey, we did it!

I was so excited I called Mark and Johnny to share the news. Heh heh.

And then we didn’t go anywhere because I want to get a new tire, and I want the tire to be machine-torqued on. I can drop off my car tomorrow morning for that.

But I’m glad we caught it today instead of tomorrow morning, on my way to work! And it was nice to change my first flat in our condo’s parking lot rather than the side of the road. Now I know how to, so I won’t panic in the future!

Later I realized that we also didn’t fight or even have any little spats while doing it. That would not have been the case for me in past relationships…

Jacking It Up

New Tire

Jacking It Down

Old Tire