OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! In and Out Voting (Constantly Updated 11/4)


Well, I couldn’t sleep last night. My stomach was in knots, like it is the night before I get on an international flight.

I woke up at 6:15, and I woke Good Man up, too. We headed over to the polls (right behind my house, a three minute walk) around 6:40. Walking to the school, a man walked past us and said, “Too long a wait! NO VOTE!”

I had a backpack with my camera, a snack, a Korean book, and some Korean flashcards. I was frickin’ voting if I had to sit there all day.

On our way in, we got a sample democratic ballot from two volunteers.

As soon as we went inside, we heard “from Panda to Zebra!”

Perfect timing, since my last night starts with an S. I went up to the table, repeated my address and handed over my voter registration card. Apparently there was a “dot” next to my name, so they had to call over the commissioner. I had my voter card, my license, a medical bill, a cell phone bill, and a statement from SmithBarney. I was going to vote.

Well, I never found out what the dot was for. The woman glanced at my ID and that was it.

Unfortunately, Good Man couldn’t come with me since he isn’t under 15. What?

Oh well.

I went and got my paper ballot (choice this year in Virginia: paper or electronic ballot), and voted.

As soon as I walked out of the door, the Obama volunteers said, “Wow! That was quick!”

It was. I was in and out in about five minutes.

Turns out we’d met those volunteers at the first debate watching party we’d gone to! We chatted for a few minutes, I got a picture, and I was home before 7:00.


Does anyone else feel sick?

I can’t handle this election. I’ve been trying to cook dinner for an hour. I haven’t even taken the chicken out yet.

Rice, rice, I can handle rice…


“175,” says Good Man.

“No! No! These are projections! They’re claiming these states with 0% of the precincts reporting! I watched this in 2000! I don’t trust it!”


“‘Dow jumps 300 points’ today! Did I make money?” I wonder out loud. I enter all of my stocks. “Yes, I did!”


82% reporting in VA and Obama is up more than 10,000!


Holy kimchi. Homeless showing up in record numbers to vote!

Williams was one of hundreds of people — many first-time voters lacking permanent dwellings — who cast ballots this year on Skid Row, a 50-block downtown area believed to harbor the highest concentration of homeless in the United States.

Those voters represent a fraction of the estimated 12,000 people who live and sleep on the streets of that area. Many are mentally ill or suffer from substance abuse.

But Orlando Ward, spokesman for the nearby Midnight Mission, said the numbers turning out on Tuesday were unprecedented. Some used the shelter’s address to register, though a street corner can be listed as a place of residence.

“It’s a very exciting to see people who are often forgotten and disenfranchised engaging in one of the most basic rights that we have as American citizens,” Ward said. “In terms of interest and enthusiasm, it’s at an all-time high.”

By late morning, more than 300 voters, many of them homeless, had filed through the polling station at Midnight Mission, at least 10 times more than showed up all day during the last presidential election, he said.


“Washington! Hawaii! Oregon! California!” Good Man shouts while shooting photos of the three computer screens he’s looking at. “They called it!