The Date

“We need to set a date.” I say this to Good Man, but there’s not even a calendar near us.

“July 11th!” he says very confidently.


“Because my birthday is 11/17, and 7/11 is my birthday backwards, so I will be able to remember!”

I stare at him. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, really.”

I laugh and laugh, “You are so silly!” I jump off of the couch to grab a calendar. “That’s probably a Tuesday or someth—hmm, it’s a Saturday. Hmm.”

So we look at our school schedules (assuming my county doesn’t destroy our school calendar in the name of budget cuts), and considered family matters and holidays. Hey, it would be a great day…

“OK, sounds good.”

“And,” Good Man says, suddenly excited, “We should do it at 1:17!”

“You’re crazy.”

He wags his finger at me, “Now, now, this is not negotiable…”