Friday the 14th

What in the world went wrong in mine last night?

Paging the Pope…
Mark got a house. After months and months of putting in offers, he got a house. During school I emailed He Who Is Harder to Reach Than the Pope (that would be Mark) and we made plans to meet.

Ghost Microwave

I got home from school and Good Man told me something was wrong with the microwave. He cleared the microwave time, then closed the door.

The microwave ran. Sort of.

It was running at about half power and the turntable was turning at about half speed.

I put some time on the clock and pressed START. It ran at full power for the time…and then half power.

We unplugged it. Plugged it back in, closed the door…and it went on.

And while it was running, it was letting off a burning plastic smell.

Time for a new microwave. Maybe getting rid of this one will help rid of the house of the stale smoke smell, anyhow.

Damn Motorcades
Good Man and I headed over to Mark’s house, using our new GPS system.

It took two hours. The entire two hours, my GPS system kept claiming his house was ten minutes away.

Two hours. Damn DC motorcades.

Two hours with a stick. My legs were shaking when we finally arrived and Good Man really needs to learn how to drive.

Carpet Staples
At Mark’s, we removed carpet staples. He has this house from 1920 which is going to look beautiful when it’s done, but some previous owner had covered up beautiful hardwood floors with carpet. Why do people do that?

Mark’s Lover was there until he got paged into work, and the four of ate pizza and worked and (Mark and I especially) chatted.

I ended up working on the foyer post-pizza. It was real, nailed-to-the-floor parquet flooring (not that plastic junk) and so beautiful. The staples were so haphazardly done that it seemed like the stapler had been having sex with the staple gun. I did a good job of getting rid of a lot of the staples, if I do say so myself.

Quaker Goodness
During a beer break (which I worked through because I was really getting into removing staples; must be pent-up taekwondo energy), we discussed the wedding ceremony since Mark has agreed to be our unofficial-officiant/best man/man of honor at our Quaker-style wedding, which will be held at Mark’s Lover’s house. Good Man and I are feeling really good about how it’s going to work. And we don’t have to pay a stranger hundreds of dollars to officiate our wedding (that is such a stupid part of American weddings—paying someone else—often someone you’ve only met a few times if you’re not a religious person, to make you legal). No officiant interviews! What a relief!

We were at Mark’s house for about 3 1/2 hours, and a half a block from home I could suddenly feel my car pulling really strongly to the right.

Not Again!
In the driveway, we discovered…another flat.


We left it last night since it was midnight and raining and changed the tire today. Good news: it took half as long as last time! 31 mins flat (har har). Maybe I have a new job as tire changer/carpet staple remover.

The bad news? Halfway through changing the tire, I realized that the company that usually does towing in this complex also does free assistance for minor things for residents.

I rolled my eyes and said to Good Man in Korean (since Saturday is now Korean day), “바보야.” I’m an idiot.

But…I’m an idiot who can change a tire in half an hour or so now. That’s probably less time than the wait time for most roadside assistance calls. And now I know where to jack the rear and front tires.

Staples, Part II
We headed to the car place I go to, but before we left, I took off my shoe. All night and morning something had been running against my foot. I shook the shoe, and nothing came out. I turned it over to discover a carpet staple in the sole of my shoe, which explains why the corresponding spot on the sole of my foot hurts.

Fancy Seeing You Here
We dropped the car off and crossed the street to grab some lunch when we heard a car honk. It was Mark’s (now inappropriately named) Roommate!

Oh, That’ll Do It
After our lunch, the car place guys showed me the tear in the tire. It’s torn at the sidewall, and I know where and when it happened last night in DC, too, when I didn’t realize I couldn’t make the turn I thought I could, and I hit a curb. How many times have I hit a curb before without any damage?

That will be $80 or so, on Monday, since they had to order the tire.

And Another $70
After lunch, I had grabbed some Fix-a-Flat and windshield wiper fluid at Advanced Auto Parts. After the guy had torqued the spare tire to the right torquiness, he poured my windshield wiper fluid for me. In the meantime, he examined my antifreeze.

Yeah, it was filthy.

He said, “When was the last time you had this flushed?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever done it, and I got this car 6 years and 45,000 miles ago.”

“Yeah, that should really be done.”

So there’s another $70. (I asked Mom later, and she knows she’s never had it done.)

While I was on a spending spree, I decided to ask them to see why my dome light is out, since it’s been out for…uh…years. They said they’d do that for free at least.

Ah, the joys of car ownership.

Oh well.

By Noon
We headed of to Target, got a new microwave (in black cherry red!) and enjoyed the rest of the day in peace. At least one bad event after another was over by noon today.