Sister and Korean Saturday

Yesterday was Korean Saturday. After dealing with the car, I was trying to figure out if we were going to go to the Korean language Meetup, or if I was too tired to go.

Good Man asked, “혼자 가고 싶어?” Do you want to go alone?

I teased him. “새 한국 남자 친구를 만나고 싶어해?” Do you want me to meet a new boyfriend?

He laughed, “걱정하지않아..왜냐하면. 나 제일 잘생겼어.” I’m not worried, because I’m the most handsome guy.

Later I ended up watching the “Say Uncle” episode of CSI. It’s about a shooting in Koreatown, and I was tickled at how much Korean I understood, how I “got” the “culture” before the CSIs did, and how I could tell a Korean-Korean accent from an American-Korean accent.

When Master insisted I get a Cyworld page, he also insisted I install NateOn. NateOn is the most popular Korean chatting program (which I’m sure installs tons of spyware on my system). I installed it, but when we used it, I couldn’t see Korean. I simply saw boxes. Oddly enough, I could copy and paste the boxes into a text file and the words would appear. And when I typed in Korean, I couldn’t see anything…but Master could.

Good Man fixed this problem by doing some computer magic. At last, I could chat. And then, a few months later, they released an English version. I’m stubbornly sticking with the Korean version since it helps my Korean.

One of the great things about NateOn is that I can chat with Sister. And chat we did last night.

I told her about Good Man setting the jjimbbang (vegetable bun) on fire.

Later, she showed me how to choose different avatars to go with my name, including a jjimbbang avatar! I love NateOn’s little avatars, because they’re so Korean: a soju bottle and shot glass, fish cakes on a stick, rice cake, jjimbbang.

We had a lot of fun over Good Man’s microwave madness, and since I want to write up that story in Korean, it was nice to chat with her about it. I now have a base written.

I also asked Sister to do something for our wedding. (Note: ㅋㅋㅋ and 하하 and 히히 are all forms of laughing.)

Me: [Sister], 우리 결혼식에서 읽어줘.
Please read at our wedding.

Sister: 어떤것을?
What kind of reading?

Me: “사랑은 초록빛 생명,” 김소엽이야.
It’s “Love is a Green Life,” Kim So-yeop.

Sister: 와우! 아만다 대단해요~ 그 시인도 알고!
Oh wow! Amanda, wonderful~ you know that poet!

Me: 결혼식때 읽어줄래요? 한국어 읽고 내 남동생이 영어 통역 읽고싶어요.
Will you read it at our wedding? We want you to read it in Korean and my little brother to read it translated into English.

Sister: 좋아요! 기뻐요~ 그리고..감동적일꺼같아요.
[Something] is good! [Something] is happy, and…it will be very touching.

[I have no idea if she meant I am good/happy, the poem is good/happy, the idea is good/happy, or she is good/happy with the poem. Korean is a high-context language, and this sentence is too high-context for me, apparently.]

Me: ^^

Sister: 아만다의 아이디어 맞죠? 오빠는 이런거 잘 몰라요ㅋ
Amanda, this your idea, right? [Good Man] doesn’t know much about these sorts of things.

Me: ㅋㅋㅋ

Me: [굿 맨]도 “복종” (한용운) 좋아하자민 읽으면, 내 엄마가 걱정해. 왜냐하면 “복종 복종 복종” 많이 있어. 난 미국 사람인데 미국 친구와 가족…아…불편한편일거야.
[Good Man] wants to read “Obedience” (Han Yong-Woon), but if we were to read that, my mother would worry, because it has “obedience, obedience, obedience” so much. I am American and my American friends and family…uh…it would be rather uncomfortable.

Sister: 하하하하하! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ