Let’s Get Married

I want to preface this by saying that the fact that I’m even posting this annoys me. But I need to get this out of my system, even though doing so makes me annoy myself. ㅋㅋ

The bold type hits the main points, so you don’t even need to read my annoyingness. If you’re interested at all, you can just skim. Isn’t that nice?

So… a week ago, I was freaking out about planning a wedding and wedding porn was really, really consuming me. Wedding porn, for those who have not consumed it, is pretty evil. (I will save my rant about the diamond industry for…well, I’ll just save it unless someone says they want to hear it.)

In the last week or so, a bunch of stuff just sort of fell into place.

Budget, done. And more importantly, doable.

We’re getting married 11 July 2009 in the early afternoon at Mark’s Lover’s house. He has hosted two weddings before, the smaller one four times larger than ours, the larger one six. Our wedding will be smaller than his parties. Hee hee.

We are having a Quaker-style ceremony (Mark has agreed to MC it) followed by the pyebaek (Korean bowing into the man’s family ceremony, though we’re doing it to both sets of parents, his parents will probably get a slightly longer, more formal ceremony). We found a place that says they can do our Quaker-style certificate bilingually. And if it turns out they can’t, we can do it ourselves and get it printed.

Rings will be these Claddaghs. (My engagement ring is the Claddagh I wear, but that’s a post for another day.) Note to self: 7.5 and 11.5 probably.

Dress? We’re wearing our hanboks!

Guest list is done, and we’re limiting invitations to immediate family (inclusive of grandparents) and close friends only, which means the list is 30 people.

Flowers, we’ve decided on this idea. Good Man thinks it’s cool that we can save the flowers forever, Mom likes that it looks “Asian.”

Centerpieces, we’re (trying!) to get photos of all of the guests at various ages and putting them in inexpensive, simple black frames, labeled on the top and bottom with the guest’s name(s) in English and Korean. If they want to take them home afterwards as favors, go ahead. If not, whatever.

Music, MP3s, and we can hook the iPod straight into Mark’s Lover’s speaker system. Good Man and I have already started making music lists on our private wedding wiki (yes, a private wedding wiki. I know. We are geeks).

We’re probably doing casual bilingual photo invitations. Otherwise just a written letter! (By the way, trying to get anything bilingual with a different alphabet is a major, major pain in the butt.)

Food, mostly figured out, heavy appetizers. Cakes, cup- and rice-.

Oh, and rentals? Mark’s Lover has friends who own a catering company, so that’s done.

Sister has agreed to read “Love is a Green Life,” and Johnny has, too, though he has no idea what it is.

Vows, will be bilingual (that will be some sort of practice, I tell you), and nothing to worry about now.

The only thing we haven’t really figured out is a photographer, and we’re just not worried about that yet.

And we need to block off hotel rooms for guests, but we’ll do that closer to the date.

We’ve started researching visa matters for Good Man. We’ve discovered that since we got engaged on a student visa, he probably shouldn’t leave the country now. Oh my…but that’s OK. We have a clearer idea of what that mess will entail.

I know a bunch of people getting married in the next two years and they think we’re nuts for deciding so much already. Well…they’ll have their weddings their way, and we’ll have ours our way.

My wedding library books are getting returned soon. I’m done with wedding porn.