Other Race Face Problem

A draft I started (and never finished) 15 October 2006, after my first taekwondo tournament:

While I was sitting there, looking at everyone, taking photos and so on, I was reminded of some discussions we had in my education graduate courses (my program was very big on multicultural education) about the other-race face problem. This problem often comes into play with eye witnesses. In short, people more easily recognize and identify faces of their own race than those of other races.

When we started student teaching, some of the (white) women in class complained that all of the kids looked the same (we were teaching in primarily black schools, some with a high percentage of Latino students, as well). Of course, after teaching for a while, the white teachers started to recognize black faces.

But today I was looking at these Korean faces, seeing how different each one is. And I wondered how much of the other-race face problem could be overcome by where one lives, and what one experiences.