“You’re Crazy.”

Tonight Good Man and I were practicing the -기 때문에 form of Korean. It’s a reason form, though nobody can explain to me how it’s different from -서 or -(으)니까.

Anyhow, Good Man said, “시헙 다가오니까 같이 공부하다.” Since the test is coming soon, let’s study together.

“미안해. 포주를 위해 일하기 때문에 공부하면 안 돼. 포주는 화가 날거야.”


“포주 is ‘pimp,’ right?”

“Yes,” Good Man shook his head.

“Is the sentence correct?”

“Yes, but you’re crazy.”

I’m sorry. Because I have to work for my pimp, I can’t study. My pimp would get angry.