He Likes It

My students listen to music a lot in class. I like the background noise, and often, they do too. I always ask them first, “Do you want music?”


Lately we’ve been listening to a Korean CD I have. I dig listening to non-English language music because we (read: I) don’t have to worry about the lyrics. The kids always whine about the music being in a foreign language a bit at first, but then they come around.

A few days ago, one student said, “What is ‘sarang?’ All of the songs have it.”

“Just like in America,” I answered, “songs are often about ‘love.'”


Today a song came on and a student piped up, “Turn it up! I like this song, it’s my favorite.”

“But you don’t know what they’re saying,” another student said.

He nodded, “I like the way it sounds, though.”

His Favorite

My Second Favorite