He Likes It

My students listen to music a lot in class. I like the background noise, and often, they do too. I always ask them first, “Do you want music?”


Lately we’ve been listening to a Korean CD I have. I dig listening to non-English language music because we (read: I) don’t have to worry about the lyrics. The kids always whine about the music being in a foreign language a bit at first, but then they come around.

A few days ago, one student said, “What is ‘sarang?’ All of the songs have it.”

“Just like in America,” I answered, “songs are often about ‘love.'”


Today a song came on and a student piped up, “Turn it up! I like this song, it’s my favorite.”

“But you don’t know what they’re saying,” another student said.

He nodded, “I like the way it sounds, though.”

His Favorite

My Second Favorite

One thought on “He Likes It

  1. Comment from: william [Visitor] ยท http://psycho5728.wordpress.com/
    i find it hilarious that you play korean music in class. cool and son dambi. that is awesome. son dambi’s ‘crazy’ video is h-h-h-hot. like fire.
    11/22/08 @ 04:32

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