Seaweed Soup and Peanut Butter Cake

Monday was Good Man’s birthday. I had a workshop until 7:30 pm and he had school until 10 pm, so we decided to celebrate on the 18th. The Korean gov’t mistakenly thinks that’s his birthday anyhow.

I made Good Man 미역국 (seaweed soup). For three weeks after giving birth, Korean women eat this as it is really healthy and is said to help their bodies heal and their milk drop. So it’s a tradition in Korean to eat miyeokguk on your birthday.

I asked Good Man months ago if he wanted me to make seaweed soup on his birthday. He said no. I asked again last weekend a slow smile spread across his face and he said yes. Ahh, yes, time does make one miss things they never thought they would…

I hate miyeokguk, so cooking it was an act of love, but one Good Man appreciated.

Tonight we headed over to Mark’s place to meet Mark and his Lover for dinner and cake. It was a nice little get-together.

Good Man

Good Man (Halo)

Good Man (Hair on Fire)

Even though this is out of focus, I really like it.

Mark (in the Bathroom) Taken by Me (in the Kitchen)