Not to Be Outdone in the Fire Department…

So Good Man set a vegetable bun on fire.

Well, I am not one to be outdone in the fire (or idiocy!) department.

Saturday morning I was talking with Dad on the phone when, without thinking (obviously!), I stuck the traditional Korean stew pots on the stove.

On top of their plastic trays.

Plastic trays. On an open flame. Two plastic trays, actually.

Good Man made the house stink when he set things in fire, but at least with his fire we didn’t have to inhale burning plastic!

I broke down and bought some air freshener gel stuff last night because I couldn’t handle the acrid smell for another night. At least my eyes and nose are no longer burning.

If I write about Good Man’s “duh” moments, I’ve got to write about my own. 난 바보야! I’m an idiot!