Mother’s Advice

I am feeling very depressed about learning Korean right now (though I have been updating my 한국어 공책!), but what happened Thursday morning amused me.

Mother called, while Good Man was still asleep. I answered the phone and we spoke in Korean (of course).

“Oh, Amanda!”

“Yes, how are you Mother?”

“Why are you home? Are you sick?” she cried, sounding worried.

“No, today is…American Chuseok,” I said. “[Good Man] is sleeping.”


“Yes, he is so busy lately,” I said. “Oh, Mother! [Good Man] started a fire!” I told her the story and then added, “And I started a fire, too!”

She understood both of my stories, and I finally woke Good Man up. After she’d finished talking to Good Man, I picked up the phone again.

Mother told me to be well and then suddenly spoke tat tat tat fast. Although I couldn’t repeat what she said, I immediately understood.

“Don’t start any more fires!”