That Little Piggy Went to Taekwondo

Last Friday Foot Doctor examined me again. He grabbed my toe and wiggled it back and forth. “Does this hurt?”

“Playing ‘This Little Piggy?’ No.”

He laughed, “No, this is actually medical, I’m trying to see if it hurts when I press against the joint.”

“You can call it medical. I call it ‘This Little Piggy.'”

I was told I could go back to taekwondo as long as I took it slowly, didn’t spar, didn’t run, and didn’t kick “things.” Air is OK, targets and people are out. In approximately 4 to 6 weeks, I can slowly add them back in.

So tonight, 79 days after I fractured my big toe joint, I finally made it back to class.

And although my toe hurt a bit, it was good.