Assumptions, Two Weddings? and Addressing Issues

“Well,” a coworker said to me, “one day [Good Man] will realize it’s your wedding. It really has nothing to do with him. It’s all about you.”

“Are you ‘Ms’ or ‘Mrs’? Oh no, you won’t be a Mrs until next year.”

I laughed and said as politely but firmly as I could, “Just remember Ms. I will never be a Mrs.”

Two Weddings?
So when Good Man’s Mother called last week, something else came up.

She wants us to get married in Korea so she can get all of the wedding money she’s given to friends’ children back.

Good Man told me this and it actually made sense to me. (Note to self: how Korean.)

So apparently, eventually, we might be having a second wedding in Korea.

I’ll let Mother plan it, however she wishes. Go for it, Mother.

Addressing Issues
Speaking of mothers, I talked to my own tonight. She’s visiting next week (and meeting Good Man for the first time!). We’re going to work on the wedding flowers together, go into the city, and possibly see a movie. It’ll be a short trip, but I’m so excited.

I’m sending quick notes to the grandparents, to let them know of the wedding date before the invitations go out.

I may be 28, but I still send address letters to my grandparents as “Grandma and Grandpa 모모.” I asked her if I could use their first names, or if I had to suddenly switch to the more “proper” “Mr. and Mrs. 모모.”

Thankfully, Mom said she thought using their first names would be fine. She thinks, like I do, that suddenly changing over to a formal form of addressing envelopes would make the wedding seem much more formal than it is.

I’ve got to say, this wedding planning thing isn’t the big stressful mess I thought it was supposed to be.