Good Man Cooks

Friday night, Good Man said, “I want to cook something. I want to learn how to cook.”


“Yeah, what can we cook?”

I sighed, “I’m lazy tonight, I just want to make veggie soup.”

“I want pork. Can you teach me how to make 제육뽁음?”

Good Man can cook spaghetti and ramyeon and that’s it. Sure, I’ll teach him how to cook another meal.

So we started. I would chop half on onion, then set him to work. I’d mince a clove of garlic and leave the other three to him. It worked out well.

“어, 재미 있어…”

And how’d it taste? Delicious!

(Sister says, “오빠가 많이 발전했어요.” Good Man has grown a lot.)