Good Man Cooks

Friday night, Good Man said, “I want to cook something. I want to learn how to cook.”


“Yeah, what can we cook?”

I sighed, “I’m lazy tonight, I just want to make veggie soup.”

“I want pork. Can you teach me how to make 제육뽁음?”

Good Man can cook spaghetti and ramyeon and that’s it. Sure, I’ll teach him how to cook another meal.

So we started. I would chop half on onion, then set him to work. I’d mince a clove of garlic and leave the other three to him. It worked out well.

“어, 재미 있어…”

And how’d it taste? Delicious!

(Sister says, “오빠가 많이 발전했어요.” Good Man has grown a lot.)

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  1. Comment from: S. [Visitor]
    I came across your blog about a week ago by accident, found your posts about Good Man really cute, began reading all the way from the beginning to find out when/where you met him, and finally I’m all caught up! Stalkerish, I know! Sorry, but when I read that you landed in Korea and the first thing you did was to go to a taekwondo dojang, I was totally hooked! I think it’s really amazing and smart that you chose to dive straight into Korea but through something that was rather familiar and universal like taekwondo. I enjoyed reading about how you devoted yourself wholeheartedly into the dojang life, etc. But at the same time I also could feel how it must have been so lonely and scary to be alone in a foreign country and how that made your taekwondo bond so much more precious. You really opened yourself up to a new country and new culture and I found it really refreshing. In any case, as I read your blog chronologically, imagine my surprise when I realized that you’ve just moved to DC, where I live! Welcome to DC!! I read that you were interested in practicing/improving your Korean. If you’d like, I’m available (I’m an 1.5 K-A) – I miss talking to friends in Korean, plus I have a K-A fiance who really needs to learn Korean as well. =) I know wedding-planning must be your priority now (I haven’t set a date for mine yet) so when you get some free time, pls feel free to contact me and I can help with Korean (have you found someone to translate the wedding poem into English yet, or are you doing that yourself?). ^o^
    12/21/08 @ 19:29

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