Making Jeong

This weekend I talked to Master. He asked how it was at the new studio. I told him exactly what I thought of “New” Master.

I explained that I was trying to have an open heart, but that we didn’t have jeong. I told him Special Forces and I were starting to have jeong between us.

He understood.

I showed up to taekwondo tonight.

I was the only student.

I warmed up and then Special Forces Instructor and I chatted in Korean and worked on poomse together. We were alone for twenty minutes, when another student finally showed up. We continued to work on poomse.

I love poomse. It is my favorite part of taekwondo.

After class, Special Forces and I sang the Three Bears song (a Korean children’s song) to the other student. Then Special Forces and I chatted about Korea. By the end of our chat, we were both muttering, “아, 보고 싶어…”

I miss Korea.

One thought on “Making Jeong

  1. Comment from: annie [Visitor] ยท
    I worry about that too. I’m still in Korea….but when I go home I think I’m going to have similar probs adjusting as you. You and goodman are doing great. I’m so happy for you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    12/25/08 @ 17:34

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