My mom is in town! She’s met Good Man! She likes him!

Not Mine

I asked some Koreans (on Lang-8) if it was true I shouldn’t call (Good Man’s) Mother 시어머니. I was told that indeed, that’s how I refer to her when she’s not around, but to her face I should call her 어머님 or 어머니.

Well I don’t currently call her 어머 but I didn’t want to be offensive. So when Good Man and I video chatted with Mother and Sister, he asked her what I should call her. He said, “Maybe she can call you by your name.” He was joking of course, but Mother laughed, switched to English and said, “Nope!”

It cracks me up when Mother speaks English because it’s always unexpected.

Anyhow, she told me that 어머님 made her feel too old, would I feel comfortable calling her 어머니 or 어머? Sure, Mother. Or Mom, as the case may be.

My Father’s

My father’s mother is awesome. I asked her to please send some photos of her and Grandpa, at any age. I need them for a project. Grandma sent three original photos from their wedding, August 7th, 1948.

A few months ago, Grandpa and I were talking on the phone and I asked how he proposed to Grandma. He said, “Fearfully!” It was so sweet to hear how they met while he was in the military, and how he proposed…to see the photos from their wedding was a real treat.

Those gloves, those shoes, that hat! And my grandparents look just like they did then. And they look at each other like they did then, too.