Photography, the Second Little Pig and 상


A few weeks ago, Good Man and I found a photographer. He’s a hobby photographer, not a professional one, which has its good and bad points. Major good point? His prices are reasonable and affordable! (My dream photographer start at $4,000. I don’t like her work that much!)

We liked him a lot because he didn’t once pull that WIC-y bull like, “This is the Most Important Day of your life Ever and ONLY the Photos will last FOREVER.” That wedding porn guilt stuff gets so tiresome. No, Wedding Industry Pimps, the marriage will last forever.

Anyhow, so I was filling out the photog’s forms, and I felt a little…poor. He had a section where you filled out vendor information.

Caterer: NA, self
DJ/Band: NA, iPod
Videographer: NA
Florist: NA, self
Cake: NA, self
Wedding Consultant/Coordinator: ME!

The night before last, Good Man, Mom and I met Mark, his Lover, Mark’s Dad, and Mark’s Uncle for Korean food. Before we met them, we stopped off at Lotte Mart and bought a traditional Korean table for the pyebaek.

I wanted the table with Hanja characters on it, but I’m pretty sure Good Man had nightmarish visions of me screaming out “年, 一, 美!” He vetoed it. Instead we ended up getting a rather lovely table with men riding horses while carrying bows and arrows. There are mountains and perhaps a river or ocean in the background. The legs of the table fold under and hide under wooden doors.

We could’ve probably rented or borrowed a low Korean table for the pyebaek, but we wanted to own the table. It’s really nice, and after the wedding, we’ll be able to use it!

Mark’s Lover is graciously storing it at his house for us, since we’re having the wedding there.

After dinner, Mom got to see the wedding site, and she gave her hearty approval.

Second Little Pig

Last week I felt like the Second Pig in the Three Little Pigs.

I was outside, collecting fallen sticks for our wedding flowers! Originally, I saw paper flowers done with plastic stems, but we collected real sticks because a) we are cheap and b) I didn’t want plastic stems when there are real sticks in my backyard and c) real, fallen, collected sticks are more environmentally friendly and d) we’re cheap.

Well, Mom and I got the wedding flowers done today!

Good Man chose the colors—red, white, and blue. I complained that they were a bit Fourth of Julyish, but he liked that red, white, and blue are in the American and Korean flags. We don’t have wedding colors, I’m not carrying a bouquet, and I wasn’t even concerned about getting flowers. So I decided it wasn’t important enough to argue about. Some of the WIC-y people I know are horrified at the idea of the colors… but when I saw the colors together, well, they’re beautiful.

We ended up buying one pack each of white, red, green, and blue paper from California Paper Goods because we were having a hard time finding it locally. (Quick shipping, everything was packaged well. Rock on.)

Mom and I ended up buying a bunch of wire (with an attached cutter), some glue, and yellow fabric paint (hello, Amanda of 1989, where is the puffy painted t-shirt?) from Michaels. At Office Depot we found red and green Christmas storage containers on clearance; we needed them to move fabric into so we could use the fabric bins for flower storage.

Mom and I put on some music and got folding. I reverse-engineered the origami from someone’s photos. We have nine sticks of each color, with 3 or 5 blooms on each stick. We shaped each flower slightly differently, though the origami was the same for each.


Mom folded all of the white ones. You can see that she creased two petals.

White Flowers

I made the red ones. I curled back the edges a little bit.

Red Flowers

By the time we finished the white and red flowers, we realized that Mom hated wrapping the flowers onto the branches. So while Mom folded the blue flowers, I worked on wiring the other ones. To finish up the blue flowers, I just tugged them open loosely.

Blue Flowers

The sticks have curves and look really elegant…I just didn’t happen to take any wide angle shots that show the curves! We showed two finished branches to Mother and Sister last night, and they loved them!

We didn’t end up using the green paper, and we still have about a half a pack each left of the other three colors, as well as a heck of a lot of wire, a ton of glue, and half a container of fabric paint. So I have enough to make some flowers for the top of the cupcake stand. I’ll do that later, though.

We stored the flowers in plastic bins, surrounded by tissue I found in my closet.

We ended up folding approximately 100 flowers. We did this over two days, but during the end of today’s session, we both started to go a bit nutty.

“I am sort of hungry,” Mom said.

“No food! If you eat, you’re going to quit folding!”

Mom laughed. But really, she only had a half dozen left to fold at that point!