“Why Don’t We Just Eat It One by One?”

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“Why Don’t We Just Eat It One by One?”

The day after Christmas, Mom and I went to Michaels. We found gingerbread house kits on sale for $3. Gingerbread houses aren’t something they do in Korea, so I decided to get one since Good Man and I did absolutely nothing special for Christmas. (No, we didn’t even exchange gifts.)

After I mixed the frosting and put it all in the bag (forgetting to put the tip in first!), I read the instructions. Oh, I was only supposed to put half a cup at a time in the bag. That makes sense… “Hey, we’re supposed to wait an hour after assembling the sides, then two or three hours after putting on the roof.”

Good Man grinned, “Why don’t we just eat it one by one?”


“Physics Will Make This Work…Yeah…”

After doing this, Good Man started clapping and saying, “Yay!” like Liam does.

Hungry Man

Frosting Killer

Ugly House

Yes…Gingerbread House!
When I met Good Man’s parents, his mother showed me a photo album. Every birthday, he looked at his cake just like this.

“Let’s Eat!”

First Bite

Laughing So Hard I’m Crying

First Bite From the Roof


Chowing Down