Well, I completed three-fourths of my resolutions from last year.

Now, I should probably learn from two years in a row of overshooting Korean language goals, but eh…

This year I resolve to

Study Korean through level 4A. To facilitate this, post on my Korean Notebook twice a week (on average). Go to Korean Meetups at least twice a month (on average).

Continue to knit from my yarn stash. Spending limit on yarn this year: $200.

Get my student loan to half its current amount.

Keep on keeping on with the Good Man.

The Middle of Mom’s Visit in Ten Photos

Day One
Imagine a heck of a lot of shopping and starting to fold the wedding flowers.

Day Two

Korean Food With Good Friends

Day Three

Brunch in DC


Scouting Out Engagement Session Spots

Mom Gets Her Adorable Daughter and Almost Son-in-Law Photos

The National Building Museum
Mark, excellent recommendation.

Amanda Getting Tired and Grumpy in the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Good Man Spots Bear Butts and Shoots Them
The Bare Butts, Not the Bears

Checking Out the Tiny Korea “Hall” At the Natural History Museum

Practicing Geumgang
Note to Self: Straighten Arms, Tuck in Thumbs

Day Four
Hanging out, knitting, folding more flowers…