Actually, You Did and Ajumma, Me? and Lunch

Whine. “My Korean is terrible!”

“My English is terrible,” Good Man countered.

“You got an American girlfriend with your English.”

He grinned, “You got a Korean boyfriend!”

“Not by speaking Korean, I didn’t!”

“Actually, you did.” Wicked grin.


Good Man and I have been saving spaghetti jars for dry goods. (Why buy a storage jar when we buy spaghetti in jars?) I decided to pour most of the 쌀가루 (rice power) into a jar.

“But how will we know this is ssalgaru? We should label it,” I said.

“Well, it’s not crack,” replied Good Man.

I burst out laughing. Indeed, it’s not.


I made 짜장면 (jjajangmyeon) tonight. Fourth or fifth try, and I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. When we use red pepper paste (고추장) or soybean paste (된장), we make a sauce out of it. I was just throwing the 짜장 on the noodles. Duh…no wonder there was enough salt to kill a horse, last time(s).

“This isn’t as good as Korean jjajangmyeon,” I said.

“Well, you’re not a chef.”

I stared at Good Man. “You need to come up with a different answer. I’ll ask again.” I paused. “This isn’t as good as Korean jjajangmyeon.”

He tried again, “No, this is better!”

Good Man.

So tonight Diana called me an “Ajumma in Training (not in the bad way. in the cute korean cooking way ;-)).”

When I was getting ready to cook the noodles, I checked the serving size. One hundred grams. I eyeballed the noodles, grabbed a handful, and weighed it. Four hundred grams. Exactly what I wanted.

Maybe Diana is right.

After dinner, I started peeling some clementines for lunch. I stuck one in front of Good Man and he tasted it. He exclaimed, “This is 귤!” He craned his neck around to stare at the wooden box of clementines. “I think, maybe, I will eat all of those tomorrow.”

“Oh, man, I’d better hide them in my car.”

“I will visit you at school, then.”


Tomorrow’s lunch is disgustingly cute. Good Man’s lunch even features a cherry tomato Gonzo nosed, carrot haired, clementined eye creature.

Good Man’s Lunch
Jjajangmyeon, Carrots, Clementines, and Korean Yams

The Bottom Tier of My Lunch,
With A Banana and Hard-Boiled Egg for Breakfast