Universal Truth

Good Man and I had a video chat with Mother and Sister tonight. I knit a cabled hat and some cabled (and ribbed) fingerless gloves for Sister. She got them Friday and she loves them apparently.

That was the fun part of the conversation.

Mother told us that Father wants us to wear Western wedding dress for the Quaker part of the wedding and hanboks for the Korean part. We don’t want to wear Western dress. Good Man and Mother went at it for a while and finally they Good Man decided he would persuade Father in a few weeks, when we video chat with him.

Over dinner (mandu soup), I said, “Why does your family even want us to wear Western dress? If they want us to wear Western dress, we can do so at the wedding in Korea.”

“I don’t know, why are you asking me?”

“Because you’re Korean,” I said.

Good Man laughed. “So? Your mother is American, and she cares about the wedding!”

“I am American. I will answer questions about my parents, you answer questions about your parents,” I replied, laughing.

“Parents everywhere care. Parents are the same everywhere. That,” Good Man said, spreading his hands apart in the air, “is…a universal truth.”

We both laughed and Good Man continued, “At least it’s not easy. If life is easy, it is boring. You want an interesting hell!”

According to Good Man, Seoulites call Seoul “an interesting hell” (흥미로운 지옥). I used to tell taxi drivers, “In America, life is easy, so it is boring.”

I laughed, “Interesting hell, yeah!”

“Hell yeah!” Good Man shouted.