Time for Food

So, the pig lunch box is cute. But I can’t microwave in it. No problem. I received a salad-sized plate as part of a food gift for Christmas, so I decided to bring that to school so I could re-plate and microwave my food.

The pig’s lid also doesn’t have a latch, so I use the flour sack cloth to carry the pig to school. It acts like a super cheap version of a furoshiki, as the Japanese call it, or a 보자기, as they say in Korean. I use the towel as a place mat/napkin/lunch box bag.

With that background out of the way… A few days ago, a co-worker saw me unwrap and plate my food.

She peered at my lunch and then peered at me.

“Your lunch is too nice! You brought a real plate? You have too much time on your hands.”

“It’s just leftovers from dinner,” I said.

“You cook dinner almost every night, don’t you? Too much time on your hands!”