Bad Boyfriend



Rrrrrrrrr-rrrr-rr— Silence.

Yesterday I ended up walking to work.

When I got home, I called the towing company that handles our complex’s parking lot, because (unknown to me before I had to change a tire!) they provide minor car assistance. The guy came, gave me a jump and asked me how I drive. I told him.

When I came inside, Good Man asked what was wrong.

“It seems that I am like a bad boyfriend.”


“I just start her and go. I’m ready to go, she should be, too!” Good Man laughed and I said, “I should know better. She’s not a p*** star car.”

“Are you going to blog about this?” he asked.

I drove Good Man to school and a few hours later, went back to pick him up. The truck was still slow to start. And this morning it was slow to start again. I let him (her?) warm up and everything, but after work? Slow to start.

Maybe I’m not all that terrible…

So I bought a AAA membership and called them. They came over and tested my battery. It was bad, so they replaced and installed a new battery.

My car is pretty reliable, but car stuff freaks me out. I looked at how to install a battery and it was dead easy, but it’s cold outside. I don’t want to change another damn tire and I don’t want to install my own battery. If I’m stuck somewhere, I’ll let AAA come and help me out.

And I’ll let my truck warm up in the morning.