Bugs Bunny Stopped Good Man from Reaching SKY

“OK, I found my $10 pencil, but where is my eraaaaaaser?” I whined.

“If I buy you a new eraser, will you be happy?”

“No! I’ve had that eraser and this pencil since I started studying Korean! I can’t study without that eraser!” I pouted.

“OK, then we will find the eraser,” Good Man said, standing up.

“Now you’re making fun of me! But I want it!”

“No, I understand. I did not get into SKY because I did not have my Bugs Bunny pencil when I was seventeen.”

We’re still looking for my eraser.

One thought on “Bugs Bunny Stopped Good Man from Reaching SKY

  1. Comment from: umma2kimchilovers [Visitor]
    What does a $10 pencil look like?
    Is SKY that difficult to get into? What type of kids get into SKY?
    01/30/09 @ 00:23

    Comment from: Diana [Visitor] · http://storysinger81.blogspot.com/
    You two are eight year olds. Adorable eight year olds, but still, s’what you are.
    01/30/09 @ 00:35

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    Diana, eight year olds who found my eraser!

    Umma, SKY are the three elite universities in Korea. Think Yale, Harvard, MIT? There’s also one really elite women’s college, Ewha. Unlike in the States though, connections won’t get you into SKY. Money won’t get you into SKY. They have to score extremely well on the single college entrance exam they take.

    And this is my $10 pencil. http://www.leadholder.com/lh-draft-stdtlr-925_series.html#925_25 I usually HATE mechanical pencils, but this one has .9 mm lead, so it rarely breaks. I LOVE this pencil. I didn’t realize they don’t sell them in the US. I might get several more next time I’m in Korea (that website says they’re not available outside of Japan, but that’s not quite true).
    01/30/09 @ 06:58

    Comment from: Robbin [Member] Email
    *drooling over the pencil*
    01/31/09 @ 15:22

    Comment from: Paul [Visitor] · http://samedi.livejournal.com
    As someone who always uses a bright-green mechanical (?) eraser when studying Korean I can definitely relate to your situation. Good to hear that you finally found the eraser!
    01/31/09 @ 15:59

    Comment from: Diana [Visitor] · http://storysinger81.blogspot.com/
    I think if your connections go high enough, you can get into SKY without making the exam score cut off. There are a few ways around it. You just have to have higher connections than are generally availible even to well connected Seoulites.
    02/04/09 @ 01:39

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