Dreaming of Ajosshis

“Well… It’s Time to Be Married. I Will Be an Ajosshi, Soon.”
Said in a hotel we were checking out for our guests.

In the midst of a minor meltdown this morning…

“So Mom, I had this horrible wedding dream last night. I dreamt that it was the morning of the wedding, and Mother had decided she wanted photos of me in my hanbok eating an ice cream float? A sundae? But it couldn’t be at the wedding, no, it had to be in an ice cream parlor. So I had to call our photographer, but I couldn’t get a hold of him.”

Mom laughs and says, “You have time—”

“And we showed up to the wedding and there were no chairs and no food, but everyone was there, even though we hadn’t sent out invitations because our photographer hadn’t given us the photos from the engagement session yet, and they had no hotels to sleep in, so they all thought they were going to sleep at our house!” I can feel the panic rising in my voice. “And I didn’t know my vows in Korean, either! I kept saying ‘영원히…영원히…’ When I woke up, I actually had to check what day it was.”

Mom laughs on the other end of the line. Good Man gapes at me and says, with much disbelief, “You are freaking out over the wedding today because of a dream? What! That—that! That is so crazy!”

Sunday Walk, Friday Gift

Last weekend Good Man and I ended up going on a two-hour long, nearly four-mile long walk. We took photos in a cemetery, stopped somewhere for lunch, meandered about…

Amusing Sign


Backlit Bloom

Kim Jong Il?

At the very end of our walk, we passed the basketball hoops at the school near us.

“Can I play there?” Good Man asked.

“Yeah, when school’s not in session.”

“Why didn’t I know this before? Why didn’t I buy a basketball, like, eight months ago??”

Today, Good Man got a package. “That can not be, I did not order anything,” he said.

He opened the package and shouted, “야!~아!”

Happy Good Man