Engagement Proofs

So last Monday, Good Man and I had our engagement photo session. I haven’t written about it because I wanted to see the photos first. We got the proofs today.

The weather was supposed to be nice, so we decided to go down to the Mall. The weather was not very nice though; it was rather cold. So we decided to head into the Asian Art Museum (actually called the Smithsonian Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery).

Good Man and I were both rather uncomfortable at first. Kissing each other in public? OK. Kissing each other in public while someone is taking photos of you? A little odd.

I’m glad we wore our casual outfits first, because by the time we got to the formal outfit ones, we were more relaxed.

[Engagement Photos]

If I Had Bling, It Would Show Here

Good Man and I laughed our way through most of the photos. Jeremy, our photographer (warning: automatic music at the link), tried to do those “woman’s head on man’s chest, eyes closed, left hand showing” photos, but I’m smirking in nearly every one of them.

[Engagement Photos]

“OK, now go at him like a cat.”
Apparently I am a laughing cat.

I really like our photographer, who was open to my posing ideas, and who got into some conversation about Nikons overexposing with me (while poor Good Man stood there, freezing—sorry, Good Man).

He does wedding photography as a second job, and his prices are reasonable for this area. He’s also not smarmy in that “ooooh, this day is so important, you are sooooo special” way that wedding vendors can be. Ick. And he handled my irrational mood yesterday well.

[Engagement Photos]

[Engagement Photos]

Dictator Good Man?

I pointed out that we both have engagement rings (yes, I do love that, and I think it’s hot as hell that he wears an engagement ring) and he got this shot.

[Engagement Photos]

Double Engagement Rings

Very happy with our photos, happy we got to practice kissing and loosening up in front of the camera. And now Sister can work on our invitations and announcements! We have the wording done, but since she’s a graphic designer, she offered to do the fronts of the photos.

Side: although the photos are marked 아만다, that’s only because they’re on my website. All copyright belongs to our photographer.

(Side to the ladies: bra tape. I can highly recommend this brand. It kept the green sweater from showing parts of my underwear I don’t wish to be seen, and it kept the ribbing on Heather from riding up. Completely worth the $5 or so I invested in it months ago. Very satisfied with it.)