Super Funny Super So

I have read the following article four times and I still end up laughing until tears are in my eyes over a few sentences.

The Super Cow That Was Struck by Lightning and Survived
(A Very Motivating Article)

There are some classic Korean sentences in here.

소가 벼락을 맞으면 어떻게 될까?

What happens to a cow when it’s struck by lightning?

I’m sure you’re curious. What does happen to a cow when it’s struck by lightning?

보통은 산채로 통구이가 될 가능성이 높다.

Usually there is a high possibility that it will be roasted through.

Best. Korean. Sentence. Ever.

After mentioning Harry Potter (해리포터) and figuring out why Super 소 (Cow) survived, the article ends with this gem.

하지만 보통 소가 벼락에 맞는다면, 죽을 확률이 더 높다.

But usually when a cow is hit by lighting, there is a high probability that it will die.

Now. How in Super Cow kimchi can I manage to fit these sentences into my conversations with Mother? Hmm… I’m working on it…