Baskets, Car Shots, Inappropriate Shoes?

Last week Good Man and I went to the school behind our house and shot baskets.

I hate basketball. I broke my glasses every single year when we had the “Basketball Unit” in PE class. But I know Good Man likes basketball, so I figured I’d go hang out with him.

I asked him how to shoot. He told me and I took a shot.

And I made it! In fact, I made three shots in a row. How in the world is that possible?

Today, when I dropped my students off to gym class, I noticed that they were playing…basketball. Our gym has the higher hoops, whereas the school playground has lower, kid-friendly hoops.

I decided that I was always willing to look stupid in front of my kids and I took a shot.


I made it!

Oh man, my students think I am the coolest teacher ever now.

Car Shots


Geeky Glasses

Good Man Borrows my Purple Mohair Hat

He Laughs at Me

“You Want? To Wear Chopsticks? Are you crazy?”

“Yeah! You really are crazy!”

I am trying to decide if these are hooker shoes. (Specifically these shoes with this hemline/dress pattern.)

Good Man claims they’re not. “Your gut wants to wear the shoes. But your personality—your brain—is thinking, ‘what might other think?’ You are so Korean! You are like my mother.”

Maybe that’s why Mother and I get along so well.

Later Good Man started laughing to himself. “I have a good idea. Wear red shoes. And go to [Brothel Taco Joint]. And ask waitress if you look like hooker or not. What a wonderful idea!”