Honeymoon and KKK

Last weekend Good Man and I went away for a little weekend honeymoon. Photos are in the Gallery.

We spent the weekend at the Lantern Lane Farm B&B, in a room we got at a great last-minute price. I would highly recommend this place. Nice people, great room, and they even managed to get a cake for us with very little notice!

Our first night there, we went out for dinner. Good Man wanted Italian. We walked into a very busy Italian restaurant and the waitress started to look for a seat. Meanwhile, to my left, there were two old white men eating. Both were wearing white tunics and one had a blue robe over it with all these symbols on it. His back was to me but his partner was just glaring at us.

I studied the man’s robe just long enough to figure out what it was.

The waitress was trying to tell us where we could sit (at the end of a table next to another group of people) and I was trying to catch Good Man’s eye and I finally said in Korean, “We can not eat here. We are going. We will talk outside.” He was so confused and I just kept saying, very quietly, and in Korean, “We will talk outside.”

I smiled a fake smile to the waitress and said we weren’t interested in waiting. She looked at us, glanced at the robed men, and nodded. She knew exactly why we were leaving.

Outside I said, “키읔키읔키읔.” ㅋㅋㅋ Which would be giggling in Korean, but which I was saying because it’s the closest letter to K.


We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant that night.