Boys Before Color

After a phone conversation last night I said to Good Man, “I need to study Korean more so I can talk to your mother more easily. Or…maybe your mother should watch Boys Before Flowers. Then we could talk about the hot Orange Haired Guy.”

Several weeks ago, Good Man came to school to help chaperon a field trip. Of course he ended up meeting several coworkers and was seen by even more. After he’d left, more than one coworker told me, “He’s cute! Wow, he’s way cuter than I thought he’d be, for an Asian guy!”

How am I supposed to take that? Scratch that. I know how I take it. The better question is how am I supposed to answer that?

A few weeks ago I was talking about various Korean celebrities with high school senior from taekwondo class. She has a Korean mother and a white American military father. She meant it as a compliment when she said to me, “Yeah, you have yellow fever!”

Based on my reaction, I don’t think she’ll risk saying that to anyone ever again, compliment or not.

Then there are those things I’m not supposed to admit. Those things related to being in an interracial, intercultural, international relationship.

I start posts about them. I keep them in draft mode, because I fear I’ll be misunderstood.

I can only say that one of the best thing about being in this particular interracial, intercultural, international relationship is the ways that we’re not the same. The ways that he is a 황인 한국 남자 and I am a 백인 미국 여자.