Paper Wedding Flowers How-To

I said I was going to post these directions a long time ago but didn’t. Ramsey asked for the directions, so here they (mostly) are in pictures.

Fold diagonally both ways.

Fold horizontally and vertically.

You are left with this, flower color side down.

Fold one point to the center.

Repeat until all points are folded to the center.

Pick up and push ends together.

It should be squashed like this.

(This is the point where I took my wire and poked a hole in the pointed end. I didn’t show that step here. I then put the wire aside until later.)

Put on table and lift up one “flap.”

Open the flap and…

…squash it flat.

Repeat on all the flaps until you’re left with something that looks like this.

Pull open the points in various configurations to make flowers. For this part, you basically need to experiment.

One version.

For another version I flattened some of the smaller side flaps down.

My mom made a version where she pinched two sides.

It sort of looked like this.

Or you can just pull it wide open.

After the flower looked the way I wanted it to, I poked the wire back down into it. I kept the wire looped at one end to keep it from slipping through the hole. I then wrapped the wire around the very bottom of the flower and the stick. I squeezed some craft glue around it to keep everything in place, and I squeezed some yellow puff paint inside each flower to make it look more flower-like.

I don’t have photos of those steps, but you can see the wedding flowers Mom and I made. I think the wrapping part just takes some experimentation and practice! WedLog has some more detailed instructions, as well.