: [네 오빠]와 결혼했으니까 지금 우리는 언니/여동생이야! *^^*

시누이: ~~~~ 언니! 우린 이제 진짜 가족!

: 어머니, 아줌마인 것 같아요…

시어머니: 난 할머니야!

Sunday Walk, LensBaby Style
Good Man and I went for a “short walk” today. It ended up being a nearly two-hour long, ~5 km stroll where we got very, very lost in some windy, twisty, “no through road” neighborhood.

Blossoms I

Blossoms II

Blossoms III

The walk was pretty standard, until I found a “park” and decided that it must be connected to another park we found on a Sunday walk a few months ago.

A Walk in the Woods

The park was mostly a dirt path through some undeveloped land. Many of the trees had been cut down and were marked with various ties. I’m not sure if the trees are diseased, if they’re thinning out the park, or if they’re putting an asphalt path through the park. I found a tree stump and made Good Man pose. (You can see one of the red flags off to the left in the photo he took of me.)

Hunched Over Good Man

Inspector Gadget? Spy? Science Person?
Students at my school and/or friends have called me all of the above in this coat.

At what appeared to be the end of the trail, we found multiple large puddles. Using the Lens Baby (at an f/stop of 2.8) combined with the wind gave the surface of the puddles a very soft look.

Reflections I

Reflections II

Good Man, Being a Good Sport


And this…is the point where we found ourselves on some no-through streets. We could see a building that we knew in the distance. We just couldn’t get to it!

We ended up wandering around, making good guesses about the direction home. We ended up finding a bus stop (completely weird that it was that far from a main street) and using the map of the route to find our way out.

Good Man was enjoying himself. I was not enjoying myself. I was worrying. Good Man teased me. “아즘마야!” You’re an ajumma!

Eventually we found our way out, just as it started lightly raining.

Playing with these photos in Lightroom was interesting. I was going to leave the photo in color, but I experimented with black and white.

When the photo is in color, I am drawn to the green plants, the blue sky, and the line of the tree branches being reflected.

Color vs Texture I

Yet in black and white, I suddenly saw the texture of the brown leaves under the water.

Color vs Texture II

(You can click on each image to get a larger copy of the image.)