Wet Sock Fruit and Seaweed

While sharing a bag of dried fruit…

“Do you like this?” Good Man looked at me.

“Yeah, why? You don’t?”

Good Man waved a piece of dried apple in the air. “This…this is like eating fruit that has been stored in a wet sock.”

His comment reminded me of the first time I had octopus/squid in Korea (I’m still not sure which it was). It was like eating a rubber ball.


While eating lunch today, as I was opening a package of 김, gim

“Amanda! What is that?”


My coworker knit her brows together. “What does it taste like?”

I shrugged. “Salt. The ocean. A little fishy, I guess.”


This woman is old enough to be my mother.

I used my chopsticks to wrap some seaweed around the rice mixture, and brought the chopsticks to my mouth. I smiled.