Such an Ajumma

On Sunday, Unabomber Good Man and I went for another walk.

Una Good Man

I had my LensBaby with me, and I was playing around with the macro feature. Macros don’t really work well when the wind is blowing, though.

Macro Flower

While we were walking along, Good Man starting teasing me. “You are such an ajumma!”

What brought on this ajumma-accusation?

We had walked past bags full of yard clippings and one of them had a handphone in it. “Why is a handphone in that bag?” I wondered out loud (in Korean).


“That bag, it has a handphone in it.”

Good Man laughed, “You are such an ajumma!” He jumped up and down, laughing. “Everybody’s business is your business! You…are…ajumma!”

I glared at him and stomped my foot, Korean drama style. “아-줌-마 아-니-야!” I am not an a-jum-ma!

Hats and Lying Mothers

I knit this hat out of red wool for Good Man because red is his favorite color. I made the cuffs long on purpose so that when it’s cold he can double or even triple the cuff to keep his ears warm.

Saturday night, over a video chat, Mother laughed at his hat, told him he looked like Rudolph, went on and on.

Finally I managed to get in a sentence. “엄머니, 마음이 아파요. 저는 만들었어요.” Mother, my feelings are hurt. I made it.

She froze. “아만다! 만들었어?” Amanda! You made it?

“네.” Yes.

She nodded excitedly, “예뻐!” It’s beautiful!