Gambling, The Ham Thing, Dentists, and Obama’s Lucky Day


“Hey,” said Mark, Saturday night and over the phone, “want to go to West Virginia to go to the casino?”

In Minnesota you can gamble at 18 (and in West Virginia, too). The night I turned 18, Mark took me to Mistake Mystic Lake to gamble. When we got there, the guard had to check his watch. I’d been legal about four minutes.

I rarely gamble, but when I do I bring enough money to lose and play the nickel slots. I’m cheap like that.

In Korea gambling is only legal if you’re not a Korean citizen. I asked Good Man if he wanted to go. He stared at me. “Can I?”


“But what if the Korean government finds out?”

I laughed, “It’s legal here, it’s not against your visa to gamble.”

A few hours later, Good Man was losing the thirty bucks he’d won. “Just one more time…”


We crashed at Mark’s Lover’s house that night. When we left, Mark invited us over to Easter dinner at his new house. I was tired and wanted to finish the wedding invites and wanted to be lazy on the last afternoon of my spring break.

Good Man pouted. “I want to go to ham thing. You should not have told me about ham thing. Let’s go to ham thing.”

We went to Ham Thing, which was the first holiday dinner Mark hosted in his house. The food was great, the conversation was nice, and the company excellent. I’m glad Good Man pouted.


I went to the dentist today. Again. I also went last week. Last week I got my crown put on and Good Man got a cleaning. The dentists were so excited. “You brought your husband” the male said. “We get to meet your husband,” the female said.

“I think they are married,” Good Man said to me in the car about the dentists.


“Because otherwise why would they be in the same place? That is not the Korean way.”

So when I showed up today and got the female dentist I asked, “Is the other dentist your husband?”

She looked surprised. “Yes! How’d you know that?”

“[Good Man] guessed. It must be some magic Korean thing.”

She laughed, “Yes. I work with him and live with him.”

“Does that make you crazy sometimes?”

“Yes, but don’t tell him that.”

My cleaning and exam today went well, except I have a cavity on my wisdom tooth. So I need to decide if I’m going to fill it or eventually yank it. I’m guessing filling it would be many times cheaper.


We sent the Obamas a wedding invite today.