Wedding Certificates, Invites, Announcements, Thank You Notes


Quaker Certificate
We got our Quaker-style wedding certificate from Documents and Designs. It looks fantastic, and they were able to come up with a crossed-flag design that Good Man wanted. (To be honest, I almost hoped they wouldn’t because I wanted the Chinese wedding symbol. But Good Man really wanted crossed flags. And it didn’t seem to cost any extra for their custom design. Score one for the groom! Score one for the company!) Four proofs later, we finally ordered. We got the certificate in a few days. Very, very happy with them.

They were nice to work with, especially considering the proofing issues we had. I had sent Word files of the text, and the Korean part was annotated so they’d know which lines matched up with the English document. I think this was helpful, but it didn’t prevent all minor errors.

In the Korean body of the certificate my name ends in 와 (and) and Good Man’s ends in 는(topic marker). In the signature sections they had written my name in English and Good Man’s in Korean—with the 는. I asked them to drop the 는 in his name, add his name in English, and add my name in Korean. When I did that, I wrote back my name in Korean without the 와. They must’ve missed that, because they wrote my name on the signature line with the 와—as it needed to be written in the main section.

Before I could tell them to drop the 와, I noticed that the Korean flag was backwards. The red and blue were in the right spots (red on top), but the three solid bars were in the upper right instead of the upper left. (How come I noticed this and Good Man didn’t?) I told them to flip the flag and drop the 와.

Well, nobody there spoke Korean and they must’ve been so confused about this 와/는 thing. They send back two copies of the final proof. One had no 와/는 in the body or on the signature lines and the other had the 와/는 exactly where we needed it. Perfect!

Invitations and Those Teasing Things
Sister is a graphic designer and she offered to do our photo invitations and announcements for us. She did a great job, but I was stressing out over minor (but important!) English errors. We were trying to figure out English graphic design terms, and then figure out how to translate them…

Near the end, I started totally freaking out that nobody was listening to me and Saturday was going to be cut off and read Saturdav and why was she viewing English like a decoration and worse, why was Good Man treating it as such, and dammit, why wasn’t anyone listening to me?

Um. Well, nobody would listen to me because Sister was 100% correct and I was 100% wrong. One win for Sister. One big serving of crow for Eonni.

고마워, 시누이!

VistaPrint’s Customer Service
We ordered the invites and announcements from VistaPrint. We ended up ordering 50 invites (the minimum) and 100 “teasing things” (the minimum).

The announcements came out perfectly. But half of the invitations were screwy, featuring a long vertical streak running down one side. It was obviously a printing issue because it was every other card which featured the defect.

I called VistaPrint. First they offered to reprint. Well, we only needed 19 invites, so I said that wouldn’t work. Then they offered us a credit for the entire cost of the invites plus S&H. I’m sure if I pushed, I could’ve gotten a refund. But I knew we wanted to order thank you notes, so I took the credit.

Then I turned around and ordered 100 linen-finish flat photo note cards. Assuming they come out clearly, we ended up getting 25 (usable) invites, 100 announcements (what we’re going to do with 100 announcements, I don’t know), 100 thank you notes (what we’re going to do with 100 of these things, I don’t know), and envelopes for the whole mess for a total price that came in at under $65.

We also saved money with postage, because we didn’t do reply cards and our invites came in under an ounce and flat. I was happy. That’s less money on wedding postage and more money on wedding rice cakes! ㅋㅋㅋ

On top of that, I clicked through my eBates account first, so I’ll get 3% of the subtotal back as cash. (If you decide to sign up for eBates and go through that link, we’ll both make $5.)

Perfect Timing, Mark
We picked up banana paper at Office Depot Saturday to make the map inserts. While we were at Office Depot I saw all of the print your own invitations and had this brief meltdown. Should we have gone the ribbons and vellum way?

When we went out gambling with Mark and his Lover, we showed them the invites and announcements. Before I could open my mouth Mark said, “Wow, I really like these. They’re so unique! None of that vellum.”

I could’ve kissed him; it was exactly what I needed to hear right then.

So That’s Why I Studied Korean…
It’s a good thing I know a little Korean. Before we had the announcements printed, after Good Man and I had both looked at them several times, I realized that there was a verb tense problem in the Korean text. I wouldn’t’ve known what I was looking for on the certificate if I didn’t know Hangul. And while Good Man translated the entire hotel maps/info insert for me, I realized that he misunderstood something and mistranslated it in a way that could’ve cost our guests some money.

It’s nice to use Korean in such an obvious way.