Grey Pants and Soda and Movie Star Good Man

At the Casino

I came upon the three men all holding cups of soda.

I teased them, “Not one of the menfolk could grab the womanfolk a Coke?”

“That’s [Good Man]’s job,” Mark said. (Or something like that.)

Later Good Man and Mark went to get sodas. Mark’s Lover and I were hanging behind. Good Man started walking toward us with two cups of soda. “Let’s see if Mark does the same,” Mark’s Lover said.

Mark appeared holding only one cup.

“You’re awesome,” I said to Good Man.

How Old Am I?

I told Good Man to bring his suit to America.

Mother told him the same thing.

He didn’t listen to either of us.

Last night we went to KORUS House for the opening reception of a Korean metalwork and jewelry display.

Before we went, I made Good Man go out and buy some pants. We went to Marshall’s and found some “past season” dark charcoal grey wool Perry Ellis pants. (Yes, so past season, those grey pants.) They were selling for $20 (original tag still on them? $79.50) but missing the tag.

Trying to speed things up, I brought another pair of the exact same style up and said, “This is the price.”

“Oh, you want me to make a price tag?”

“No, we just want to buy it.”

“But I should make a tag.”

We were really in a hurry. “We don’t need a tag,” I said.

“OK, I just have to check with a manager,” the woman said, “to make sure this is the price.”

It was the exact same set of pants. I was getting really frustrated but just smiled. Outside, however, I bitched to Good Man.

Good Man smiled kindly, “Well, you may know, her brain may be slow. She is at least two times older than you.”

“Two times? Try three! She’s way older than 40!”

Good Man cocked his head and raised an eyebrow. “How old do you think you are, Amanda?”

I thought. “OK, she is about 60.”

“Maybe your brain is a bit malfunctioning, too,” he said.

Movie Star

Remember this coffee shop portrait?

I have a copy of it on my filing cabinet near my desk at work. Today two of my students were looking at it.

“How did Mr take that photo, Ms S?”

“He didn’t, I did.”

My student sounded shocked. “You did? Wow, I like it.”

The other one leaned in to look at it closely. “How’d you get him to look like a movie star?”

I laughed. “A movie star?”

“Yeah, this looks like a movie star picture.”