Hating Life, Geekiness, and How to Make a 75% Tip

Hating Life
Amanda, just returning home after being at work for six hours on a Saturday; a Saturday where it was a balmy 72 degrees or so: OMG. I just got home. I hate life.

Good Man, at school himself, working on a group project: sorry about it

Amanda: Are you going to ask me for a ride?

Good Man: not really, if you hate life :*

75% Tip
I did pick up Good Man, and we went out to lunch. We then stopped by the drug store and came home. Before getting out of the car, Good Man leaned forward in his seat. “Oh. Shit.”

I looked at him. “Did you forget your laptop?”

“Um…yeah. It’s on the chair.”

We drove back to the restaurant and he went inside. I could see him from the car. He walked to his chair and found…nothing. He turned around, went out of view, and came out of the restaurant a few moments later, swinging his laptop bag.

I held out $20. “Go back inside and hand this to the waitress.”

Geeky Good Man
“I am so excited to update your GPS with hack!”

I laughed. “You’re weird.”

“I will go get GPS from your car.”

“You’re not wearing pants. Are you going to put on pants at 11:30 at night just to go out and get the GPS?”

Good Man nodded. “My geekiness outweighs my laziness.”

I read aloud from 재미있는 한국어읽기 2급, which should be renamed 심심한 한국어읽기.

“이 사진에 보이는 멋있는 두 남자는 저와 제 친구입니다.”

When Good Man started giggling at the same time I did, I knew I’d understood the sentence.

The two handsome men you see in this photo are my friend and me.