It’s Too Late Koreans! You Are Failing Your Children!

From the inside cover of 어린이한자100 (Children’s First 100 Hanja):

…그래서 일본의 경우는 한자를 가르치는 유치원히 많으며 5세 어린이가 500자까지 배우기도 합니다.

우리 나라는 중학교무터 한자를 배우는대 그 때는 이미 늦습니다. 어린 때 한자는 공부를 해 두는 것이 좋습니다.

I pumped me fist in the air. “Hell yeah! I understand Korean educational propaganda!”

Good Man nodded, “Now you are Comrade Amanda Teacher.”

Thus, in Japan many kindergartens teach 5-year-olds Hanja, so most know up to 500 characters.

In our country, children start studying Hanja in middle school. It is already too late. It would be good for our children to learn Hanja.

You must rise against those evil Japanese, Koreans! Teach your 5-year-olds Hanja! Now! Before it’s too late!