Dropping the I

Koreans don’t use pronouns much. They also don’t like using proper nouns much. Korean is considered a high-context language. Sometimes Good Man will say something like, “I think it will be good for her if she does it for her.”

I will say, “Who?”


What. The. Hell?

I am American. I like pronouns. How many pronouns have I used so far in this post? I like proper nouns. Proper nouns give context.

I just wrote a very brief story about going to work Saturday. I typed it up, posted it at Lang-8 and realized a few hours later that I didn’t once use “I.”

Here’s the uncorrected story.

요즘 일에서 많이 바빴다. 5월에서 시험 많이 있을거는데. 그리고 화요일에 특수교육 학생들이 시험 만기가 되다. 스터레스가 많이 있다.

그리고 토요일에 동료하고 학교로 갔다. 8시부터 2시까지 일했다. ㅠㅠ 밖에 기온 23도이다. 아이고…마음의 속에서 찡찡댔다.

끝난후에 남편과 식당으로 가서 점심을 먹었눈데. 집으로 올때 남편은 랩톱을 잊오보린것을 발견했다. (!) 걱정했다.

재빠르게 식당으로 되돌아갔다. 남편은 찾았는데–햅톱이 있었다! 아휴. 마음이 가벼웠다.

하지만…아직도 토요일에 일하므로 생활이 싫아하다.

And for our non-Korean speakers, here’s a translation, done mostly straight as written.

Very busy at work lately. In May will be big tests. And Monday special education student tests are due. Have a lot of stress.

And Saturday coworker with school went to. From 8 to 2 worked. (tears) Outside was 23 degress. Oh God… deep inside heart was whining.

After work with husband went to restaurant to eat lunch. When returned to house, husband discovered laptop was forgotten. (!) Worried.

Quickly went back to restaurant. Husband looked and–had laptop! Wha hoo. Heart was happy.

But… still, because work on Saturday hate life.

I wrote a whole story and didn’t even consciously consider dropping the 저/나/I. I just did it! Heart is happy! ㅋㅋ