Why I Study Korean, Reason #492

Because I get to read sentences like this:

옛날 어느 마을에 방귀를 아주 잘 뀌는 남자가 있었어요.

-from “방귀 시합,” 잠들 때 하나씩 등여주는 이야기

This sentence beats out the roasted cow one.

Once upon a time there lived a man who was very, very good at farting.

I attend the “advanced adult” taekwondo classes. Usually it’s ~3nd gup and up. Last night there was one other second dan, a woman I’m really starting to like—and one 8th gup and four 9th gups.

We ended up doing a ton of basic work, which was fine, because everyone can always improve their basics. Except the other second dan and I were the only ones kiyaping. I don’t expect decent kiyaps from yellow and orange belts, but I do expect some noise. Later a yellow belt adult showed up with his wild yellow belt children. Because eight year old yellow belts belong in the “advanced adult” class.

At the end of class Special Forces said the usual. “Black belts, turn around, color belts, face black belts.”

The color belts turned around.

And faced the wall.