Operation Immigration: On

Well Meaning, Unknowing Person: But now that you’re married, he’s a citizen right? Or at least he has a green card? I mean, doesn’t marrying a citizen mean you basically get everything automatically?

Me, smiling, because I know they mean well: Not quite…

3/6/09: Get legally married, in part to get started on Good Man’s AOS (adjustment of status).

3/15/09: Fill out I-130.

April 2009: Do nothing related to AOS.

5/3/2009: Order transcripts of tax years 2005, 2006, and 2007; order account transcript of 2007. Can’t order 2008 since it’s not processed yet. (Used to support I-864 form.)

Begin to fill out G-325A (for me). Addresses for the past five years? OK. Find first address in Korea on my Korean driver’s license. Find second Korean address in an old email. Find third Korean address on a draft of my resume. Find third Korean employer’s address in an email to mom. Can’t find second or first employer’s address. Can’t even remember first employer’s name. Email Jeonju Friends for help.

Laugh over “the average time to gather the requested information, complete the form and include it with the appropriate application or petition for filing purposes is 15 minutes.” Ha! Yeah right.

5/4/2009: Jeonju Friends are awesome. Complete my 325A. This is used to prove I’m a US citizen who can sponsor Good Man. Am curious as to why the government can’t just type my SSN into some computer and realize I’m a citizen. Form comes with no decent instructions and limited spaces, so I ignore the times I lived on friends’ couches in various states of homelessness here and in Korea.

Fill out I-864EZ. Worry that my negative income from my full year abroad in Korea will mess things up. Find past tax returns through Turbo Tax and save those. Actually complete form in decent time.

Fill out I-765. Have minor freak out over which immigration center address I’m supposed to list on I-130. Will highlight that and put Good Man on the search.

Realize I didn’t use ALL CAPS FOR I-864. ㅠㅠ

Wonder why some documents want only all CAPS, and others mixed. Wonder why some documents have fields for everything whereas others require spacing across to get where I want to type.

Get into some insane groove and decide to fill out everything in a go.

Fill out I-485, leaving blanks that Good Man needs to fill in, mostly about his “associations” here and abroad. Consider that since we volunteered for Obama’s campaign, that must be an “association.”

Fill out I-693, which is short, since I’m not a “civil surgeon.” Wonder what half of the diseases are. Wonder if Good Man will have to get an HPV vaccine even though he’s a male.

Stuff to do:
I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative. Need to photocopy all pages of my passport, marriage certificate, get passport photos; $355 fee)
I-864EZ (Proof I can support Good Man’s butt. Thank God I get the EZ form. Photocopy tax return and W-2s, photocopy 6 months of pay stubs; possibly get letter from employer and banks as backup proof; $70 fee)
I-765 (Employment Auth; fee included in I-864)
G-325A (Biographic Information; one sheet filled out by both of us)
I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status; Photocopy Good Man’s passport, visa, I-94 card $1,010 fee)
I-693 (Medical Exam; Good Man should do this right before we file the package—his GP is eligible to perform this, luckily; doctor fee unknown)
I-131 (Advance Parole; $305 fee ETA: May not have to pay if filed concurrently with I-485)

Total cost so far:
$27.56 for fiancé & Marriage Visas: A Couple’s Guide to U.S. Immigration